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FeastMonkey is a social network for foodies. We like to get out from behind our screens and enjoy unique adventure dining the real world. Our groups are a great way to network and meet other people who share the same passion. Join us  in your local area or to get off the beaten path when you are traveling.





1. Join the Eat Me! group you would like post your event in.


2. Click +Schedule A New Meetup.


3. List the name of your event. Lots of people will see this, (many more than in the group), so pick something catchy and fun, but descriptive with just a few words. Example: "Dive Bar Tequila Tasting!" or "Sake Bomb Sushi Night!" or "A Night With Chef Bono!" then fill in the details, upload photos of the chef, the venue, food etc. Chef bio and a menu for the event, cost of the event should all be included. You can also add links to videos or links to payment options like or where members can pre-pay or buy tickets.

Click the Schedule button and you are good to go. The event will go live automatically if 3 people RSVP. Just get 3 friends to RSVP...this is a good idea, because nobody wants to be the first to commit, so seeing that others are going is always a good sign, (the more attractive your friends, the better). That's it... Just remember to post photos of the event afterwards and like us on Facebook.

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